Address:Shenzhen, China

LT-C9040 UHF RFID data acquisition inventory machine long-distance UHF handheld PDA fixed asset inventory management dedicated


Size:192*87* 151mm

System:Android 4.4.2

ReadingDistance:>4.5 m (line polarization); >8 m (circular polarization)* The card reading distance and group read rate are related to the actual environment

DeviceInterface:USB Micro-B

The LT-C9040 is an ultra-high frequency industrial grade smart handheld terminal developed and upgraded by our company. Its UHF RFID read and write function has better sensitivity and more accurate and fast reading and writing information. This device is a high-performance industrial-grade smart handheld terminal based on Android 4.4.2 operating system. With a quad-core 1.3GHz processor and IP64 industrial-grade protection standards, users can flexibly choose various functions to meet the needs of various industries. Now it is widely used in retail chain, warehouse management, asset management, card, parking charges, vehicle management, power meter reading, animal management and many other fields to help users quickly realize information management. With a unique modular design, users can customize the function according to the needs of use.