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6C/G2 tag storage area and issues needing attention

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EPC C1G2 label (referred to as G2 label)

The G2 tag is divided into four areas: a reserved area (also known as a password area), an EPC area, a TID area, and a User area.

Reserved area: 4 words in reserved area. The first two words are the destruction password and the last two words are the access password. Read and write, the read and write protection features of the two password areas of the reserved area can be set separately.

EPC area: The tag EPC number is stored in this area, where the 0th word is the CRC16 of the PC value and the tag EPC number. The first word is the PC value, which indicates the length of the label EPC number, which is the EPC number data of the label from the second word. Readable and writable.

TIC area: The data stored in this area is the ID number set by the label manufacturer. Readable and not writable.

User area: is the user data area. Readable and writable.


In many places in the G2 command, the data length is required. Here, we must pay attention to the difference between words and bytes. 1 word is equal to 2 bytes.

        Some commands require an access password. If there is no password set, the password area is filled with 0, not null.

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